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Jenan’s Real Estate core investment philosophy is centered on long term capital growth with a focus on capital preservation with steady and consistent capital appreciation. To consistently grow capital through investment, capital must first be preserved.

Real estate offers the potential for both income and value appreciation and provides capital preservation through the ownership of a tangible asset. Also, diversifying an investment portfolio with real estate gives us the ability to increase overall portfolio returns.

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Property Types

Various types of real estate are on our investment radar, residential or commercial which can include office, retail, multi-family, industrial or special purpose property. The real estate can also include vacant land, provided the land can be used for residential or commercial development. The essential characteristic is to generate income, this is why we diversify our assets, as practical, over several property types.

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Geographical Range

We focus our activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s eastern province. The province is a good area for real estate investment, offering a combination of growth in population and income combined with strong business formation. Within the area, there are both strong and weak locations. The characteristics vary by the type of assets under consideration. Transportation in a time of high energy prices is a key variable. Economic and population growth are also important.