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Jenan at a Glance

Jenan Real Estate Company was established to fulfil the need for high quality, modern residential and commercial real estate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s booming Eastern Province.

Home to state owned Saudi Aramco with its onshore and offshore oil field; a producer of Saudi Arabia’s second major product apart from oil, dates, and numerous industrial plants, The Eastern Providence is a powerhouse of its own standing in the Kingdom.

New industries and a growing economy attract the professional youth population from all parts of Saudi Arabia. Jenan develops quality, affordable housing solutions for this key market segment that makes up 60% of the overall population.

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The story of Jenan begins with a group of prominently successful business houses from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain recognizing the market’s needs and subsequently launching a closed joint stock company in support of the substantial government efforts to aid home buyers in the Kingdom. Bringing their unique expertise to Jenan, the shareholders actively contribute to the construction and development of Jenan’s various on-going projects across the Eastern Province

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Looking to meet the sharp increase in demand, Jenan develops properties that offer a diverse range of products catering to today’s buyer. These much sought-after properties are designed with current global standards to meet the requirement for tomorrow’s home owner

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Looking to the future, the Chairman and the Board of Directors are committed to making Jenan the leading community developer throughout the Kingdom, not just in the Eastern Province. With a capital investment of SAR 475 million (USD 127 million) and a team of specialized talented professionals, Jenan looks to lead the market in pioneering, landmark projects.

Combining their inspired innovation and innate understanding of the market, Jenan will deliver projects integrated to the region’s tradition but mindful of the needs and desire for creativity and modernity.
For Jenan, the best is always yet to come.