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Dana Beach walk

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Dana Beach Walk

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Where Memories Are Born

A new architectural icon is about to weave a change on the coast of Dana Bay with the dawn of Dana Beach Walk, a never-before experience in leisure, gastronomy, and retail. Nestled at the beaches to one of the most prosperous areas in Dana Bay, Dana Beach Walk will be crossed by customers making it one-of-the-most celebrated commercial destinations in the entire Half Moon Bay.

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Spectacular Location

Spread over 43,000 square meters, Dana Beach Walk creates a distinctive impression with the longest ever sea frontage. Exploring the sheer grandeur of the project will be an experience by itself. It also boasts a sophisticated architectural design and a commercial magnitude that will enhance the exposure and appeal of any brand manifold when displayed or operated at one of the premium outlets.

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Get ready to experience the difference and imagine watching world’s finest brands coming all together at a single place.

Dana Beach Walk is a business paradise. Peerless both in terms of concept and construction, it meets the highest international parameters. Every minute detail is well-addressed to provide retailers a perfect setting for hassle free operations. An array of superlative facilities and services, it makes it a unique destination bringing alive the global appeal.