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Organizational Structure

Jenan’s organizational structure has been designed to maximize productivity and efficiency by creating an environment conducive to effective communication and knowledge sharing; enhancing teamwork, creativity, learning and innovation.

Expert strategists, designers, lawyers, engineers, project managers and chartered accountants work together synergistically to conceptualize, implement and manage value-added investment projects that are aligned with our corporate strategy.

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Projects Department

The Jenan Projects team source innovative, community-based projects and provide total Project Management to ensure all developments are completed and delivered to our clients on time, within budget, and to the highest industry standard.

From overseeing design and engineering, to monitoring the progress and quality of the project’s construction phase, our experienced Project Management Team manage every detail; from concept to completion.

Planning & Development Department

The Corporate Planning & Development Team assists Jenan in achieving growth and success. They do this by formulating functional strategies that are aligned with Jenan’s overall corporate strategy and instigating initiatives to continuously improve processes, systems and procedures to facilitate strategic implementation, performance monitoring and feedback; encouraging organizational growth and sustainability.

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Legal Department

Our team of Legal experts provides legal guidance and assistance to all of Jenan’s organizational functions in order to facilitate legal operations and protect the interests of Jenan, its shareholders and stakeholders.

The Legal Team ensure Jenan Management are fully informed of all legal implications of business transactions, and advise, support and represent the organization in all matters of a legal nature.

Project Management Control & Services Department

The Project Management Control & Services Team is a dedicated group of professionals that work synergistically across sub units and liaise with vendors, suppliers and Government authorities to provide aholistic approach to the effective Planning and Management of Jenan Projects.

From Contracts Administration, Estimation & BiddingtoProject Tendering, Projects Purchasing, Quality Control and Health and Safety, The Project Management Control & Services Team rigorously maintains quality, integrity and transparency throughout the project phases to completion and beyond.

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Finance Department

Jenan’s Finance Team develops and maintains effective and efficient financial planning and reporting in order to support Jenan functions and facilitate the achievement of corporate strategic objectives.

Our Team of financial experts assists top management on best financing and investment decisions, maintains the organizations accounts, creates financial plans and forecasts and prepares reports to monitor budgetary compliance and profitability. The Finance Team also determines Jenan’sfinancial needs on a project basis and ensures the continued optimization of the Organization’s liquidity position.

Human Resources & Administration Department

At Jenan we really do believe our people are our greatest asset. Our Human Resource & Administration Team plays a vital role in protecting that asset through attracting, developing, motivating and retaining a diverse, talented workforce and providing a supportive and efficient work environment.

Through careful recruitment of people that share the Jenan values to creating effective mechanisms to motivate and effectively communicate with our staff as well as the proficient running of the day to day administration operations of Jenan’s business activities, the Human Resource & Administration Team is central to maintaining Jenan’s competitive advantage.

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IT Department

Through the provision of reliable technology services and by implementing the latest technological innovations our IT Team supports andaccelerates the achievement of Jenan’s business objectives.

The IT Team manages the organization’s information and communication activities including IT planning, application support (ERP), the help desk, network and communication support, database management and the information system security.

Business Development Department

The Business Development and Investment Management Team are a group of expert strategists. The Team conducts in depth external market research and internal analysis, identifies future opportunities and threats and formulates corporate strategies to maximize profitability, shareholder return and organizational sustainability.

The focus of the Business Development and Investment Management Team is to identify and review business opportunities in terms of feasibility and viability and to ensure the profitable growth and diversification of the organization’s portfolio and monitor competitors and real estate trends. The Team also structures deals and manages the land acquisition process.

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Sales & Marketing Department

Our passionate and professional Sales & Marketing Team works together to bring our pioneering projects to market. Innovative advertising concepts andcreative marketing tools allow our highly trained and focused sales team to bring our visionary projects to our customers clearly and effectively.

The Sales and Marketing Team undertakes comprehensive market research for competitive pricing policies, develops and implements effective marketing strategy, manages media relations and maintains customer databases while ensuring the efficient processing of customer sales.